How Educational Justice Founder Moshe Ohayon Helps the Underserved

In 2005, Moshe Ohayon of Louisville, KY, opened the Louisville Tutoring Agency, which provides tutoring to students of all ages, from kindergarteners learning reading basics to adults pursuing an MBA. In the evenings, Ohayon volunteered his time tutoring students in lower-income neighborhoods. The differences shocked him. key phrase: As a tutor, Ohayon was accustomed to identifying learning gaps and helping students close them. But bright disadvantaged students, he found, were struggling due to educational deficits of alarming magnitude.

To address the disparity, Ohayon launched a small project called Educational Justice, which sought out students who had good GPAs and an enthusiasm for learning but who struggled greatly with some their advanced courses and with standardized tests. These students were invited to the Agency, where they received the same professional tutoring, test preparation, and college advising as paying clients. The results were so remarkable: students significantly raised their ACT scores, gained admission to selective colleges, earned over $215,000 in scholarships collectively.

Now a nonprofit organization, Educational Justice has a small, dedicated volunteer staff that provides thousands of hours of free tutoring each year. Additional programs, such as EJ Activists and ACT Crash Courses at local schools, have been developed specifically to increase the educational opportunities of struggling students from low-income backgrounds.

Educational Justice won the 2013 Pyramid Award of Excellence in the Art of Vision from the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. With the help of generous donations from the community, Ohayon hopes to expand EJ programs to even more schools in the greater Louisville area.

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The Dirty Work Of Car Detailingwater Damage.

Okay, construct decided you wish to make cash than you’re getting from your own allowance. That’s great right now there are many ways for teens to dollars that you’ll be able to even assuming you have little to no experience. Here are a few popular ways and marketing ideas to really obtain the dollars being released.

Simple repairs – Look for your car for repairs that doable ! do your business like changing the furnace filter. You likewise repair the wiper blades by in your. Check if one’s own lights will work properly and in case there can be a bulb which should be replacing, do the work.

Cleaning was an ideal work dwelling business idea for my son. Can work part-time while he was going to school and then full time when he wasn’t. He set up his own books, got a name, made signs and advertised. He got a partner and they called on all their friends to inform their parents they were “in business.” They also started with no equipment except my vacuum cleaner, broom along with many rags. However, I did open my cleaning cabinet one day to find many of my household cleaning supplies gone.

Car detailing – You don’t have take a look at your car to the mechanic each occasion it needs detailing. You learn to achieve it your venture. It does not really save cash but furthermore, it gives which you chance understand more regarding your car. In detailing, can easily find out what needs fixing and what needs lighting.

Use car cleaning detergents that are made for washing the surface of car exteriors and soft cloth or chamois. Use generous amount of water in cleaning and rinsing the auto. Make sure that the water are generally using is clean. Affect the water once it heats up becomes cloudy. Rinse the car right after washing certain the detergent will not sit on pain which will cause oxidation. Wipe and dry the vehicle with comfortable towel.

You should constantly knead the clay while an individual using it to make it possible for it remains soft and warm. As it goes cold, it can become brittle and then it will not be effective in lifting off the contaminants from the paintwork. Can be also leave surface marring.

Apparently car detailing Perth area! did any great job that the neighbor hired him to eradicate his garage next. So he was excited he or she wanted to start a cleaning business need not didn’t have any idea he knew how to cleanse!

As you carry on an auto detailing activity create your car look new again, do not forget that through patience and determination, you can truly make your car looking elegant and extravagant once rear.

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Doing a Bit of Writing on the Side

Tagged ‘Tim Godfrey’Of course my job might be one of the most boring in the entire world at times. This is the gist of it, If we are busy we are going to stay busy until everything is done. The nature of the job is such that you are either busting your tail to get work out the door or you are sitting around on your butt waiting for something to do. In a normal 9 to 5 type of day we have maybe forty percent more people than we need. They are there for speed. I saw this eformula evolution web page one day while I was trying to kill time, that is a big part of my day in fact. It is like you do a lot of the time at home and you just surf the Net aimlessly to entertain yourself. In this case I got to thinking about the reviews written on the site and I realized that they had to come from some place.

At first I was not able to find the thing I was looking for, which is pretty simply a good paying freelance writing job. As I have a job already I could not look for a gig where I have an assignment and a deadline, it could not be like a newspaper where the news happens and you have to write it while it is still current. In fac those guys have to be both current and factual, so a lot of times they get the story before they really know what happened and then edit it after they learn more. Eventually I found a site. If I am really not doing much at work I can do three or four articles now. Most of the time they do not require much research and they are not very good.

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How To Fix D3dx9 DLL Errors?

d3dx9_39.dll is a file used by the ” DirectX ” framework for a series of games and software support for running on your system . Although this file is used to run your computer from a variety of advanced features and functions , the reality is that a large scale it is actually one of the biggest causes of errors that can be created on your PC – which is usually when you want to play games . Although this error is very dangerous , the reality is that it is very easy to fix with the right tools and tutorials to solve them .

Error usually appears these files is as follows :

File d3dx9_25.dll not found
d3dx9.dll missing
How to D3Dx9.dll errors to the problems that cause them to see improvement . The problem is that this file is constantly being used by a variety of different processes at once , and often mistakenly saved every time you use it . For errors caused by restoring the file , you must first confirm the DirectX program on your PC and restore the possible causes of errors remaining in your system .

The first step to recover from errors caused by d3dx9.dll to update . DirectX program This is the main feature of Windows that is designed to help you run your computer from a series of sophisticated graphics and programs , and therefore it is important that you can repair the damage to the program on your computer . You can click on the Microsoft Web site , and then download the upgrade to the DirectX program . It’s free and it would be relatively easy for experienced computer users .

If you update your DirectX software on your system , but it still errors on your PC , then you will need to replace your system , the file manually . Fortunately , there are a number of online sites that allow you to download these files on your pc which means you really only can download any of the files on your system and will make your computer unreliable and effectively as possible redo .

It is also advisable to use a ‘ registry cleaner ‘ to fix . A variety of errors on your computer A registry cleaner is software designed to scan through a part of Windows called the ” registry ” and fix a number of potential problems in it . This is very important because the registry maintains a list of DLL files that Windows continues to load every time you want to run on your system . Various programs list is very important because it informs all programs in which some DLL files located on your system , so that the will of games, programs and core functions of Windows can use quickly . Unfortunately , this list of DLL files kept malfunctioning in Windows , making your computer very accurate and damaged . To ensure that this does not become a problem, you should restore using a “registry cleaner” tool. Any errors in the registry of your computer

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First Day of First Grade

first-day-of-school.jpg (500×539)The first year was a big step in your child’s life . This is one of the most important moments that are the basis for their entire educational experience will provide . There are a lot of new skills and education that is completely new for them . Math and reading concepts will be more substantial than in previous years kindergarten and preschool Word . Some things that will be repeated from kindergarten , but at a greater depth .

Been a long time since you have been . In the first class you may be wondering what exactly is in store for your child in the first full year full – time school . If you are looking to give your child what they learned to prepare , here are some things that they may have to learn in first grade this year :



Addition and subtraction math first class includes , in principle , generally with a low number , but they will learn to 100 . They will learn to identify numbers and writing . They will learn how to add and subtract . They will also learn basic shapes , patterns and mathematical symbols such as plus , minus and equal signs .

You can prepare by practicing counting money . Use your child different coins : pennies , nickels, dimes and place will give them knowledge about numbers . Also , your child can learn to count by hitting them with common tools , such as thermometers and rulers . familiar

Your child will learn to read in first grade faster and more than before . Comprehension and vocabulary they will be greatly expanded . They are nouns and verbs and learn basic sentence structure . The difference between singular and plural They will also learn to distinguish between fiction and non – fiction Distinction .

You can prepare yourself by reading books and short stories together . Your Child Read and reread their favorite books with them . It is important for them to understand the sound -letter words . If you go , ask them to explain . The setting , characters and events they will be able to identify both the main idea and details of the story .

As mentioned earlier , vocabulary unit will develop rapidly. Children They will also learn how to write complete sentences with correct spelling , including capitalization and punctuation .
You can write words and phrases . Practice by having your child make sure everything is printed legible and spelling .

Nap Time Is Over
Unfortunately , kindergartens more for them ( if they are lucky ) , and go along with the kindergarten nap . I do not expect my son to take it easy this transition ( me of course ) , but if they take their usual tired science . Sometimes it may be curriculum or workload . Depending on whether they go to public school or private school curriculum might Radical tired . For example , the Jewish Day School , the curriculum they offer both general aspects mentioned above and more intense religious curriculum which can only drain every class 1 .

Encouragement is the key
This is a big step for a small class of students , so they will see you for the support . This is the key to engaging and passionate in their lives to stay in school , but not entirely control . Everyone wants to help the best they can , their children , but we have to draw the line . According nasponline best way to get your child to class 1 after school routine , Brave , but not to do it for them !

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Help! My child doesn’t like to Read!

How-NOT-to-Raise-Spoiled-Brats-II-taylor.jpg (1700×1129)

With regard to reading theory , there are two perspectives to keep in mind .

a. Reading is the transfer from print to speech .

b . Reading is a combination of language and meaning , and how they relate from scratch .

When there are problems reading , a good place to start your research for the purpose , physical factors .

To begin with , the vision of a child should be assessed . The eyes of a child to be healthy and functioning to be able to handle the printing . Eyes must be removed to properly decipher the images correctly . Depending on the child’s eye health , the rate of decline is small, just my experience blurred vision light . Deficiency blindness diplopia most stringent laws that may occur . By having a look at your child tested , can scare . Difficulty reading Possible

Here roomates defects can affect the suitability of hearing children read . Hearing the children split into two components . It is …

a. discrimination

b . pungency

Discrimination is the ability of the ear to the similarities and differences between the difference of word pairs ( ie , a warm hat ) stands out . Sharpness , on the other hand , is the ability of the ear to the reception and transmission of voice sounds with minimal disruption .

Other factors associated with reading problems , neurological health of children. Previous studies have shown the importance of the way in which the two brain hemispheres of the brain function . In short , the left hemisphere of the brain allows the knowledge of words written and spoken . The right hemisphere of the brain responsible for cognitive activities ( ie , thinking , memory , etc. . ) ( Benson , 1976 , Giordano , 1978) . To make the process of reading the functioning of both hemispheres of the brain to be fully developed and integrated ( Vernon , 1977) .

An additional factor is getting the which the effect on the likelihood of success with respect to the reading readiness of children is their home and cultural environment . A child’s home environment and culture , economic status , etc. . All have a large impact on children’s reading success . It can be said that learning begins at home . If the reading is modeled ( ie , reading to your child before bed ) , good language skills are observed , and cultural expectations of children’s academic success has a huge impact on children’s reading achievement . Unfortunately , the biggest challenge regarding these factors is that educators have no control over them . Therefore , an educator can best intentions in the world to help their child succeed in reading , but if they conflict with the social factors – economic children , very difficult to overcome .

In the end , it is clear that learning to read is correlated with many different sides . These factors include , neurological , socio- economic and physical education . Outlining if there is a problem that could be a first step in helping children learn to read .


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Play Safe on the Internet

Internet2.jpg (1600×1288)

The World Wide Web is a vast space and immeasurable . It is inhabited by millions of people from all over the world for various purposes . For many of us it is a means to communicate with friends and family , for some it is a great marketing arena , and for anyone who provides entertainment for everyone .

While it serves to make the world a smaller place , people from all over the world can also be a space that is not safe in many ways . Together And how safe it is especially suspicious of the young ? For vulnerable , There is a danger entered into conversation with strangers . We need to protect ourselves and the predators that lurk in the virtual world of our children .

To follow some basic rules :

• The first and most important thing is to never give your name, address or telephone personal information .

• Creating a profile that makes you anonymous . Use the handle that does not give your name . It’s easy for people to find information about people who use their names .

• Never agree to meet someone you met online . However , if you are in contact with someone for a while and you decide to meet , never do alone . Meet in a public place and bring a friend or relative along . Remember , not everyone who they say claimed to be .

• If someone online makes you uncomfortable , block him / her . Remember , you are not obligated to anyone . Your priority is to protect . Interests and privacy of your own

• Teach your children the basics of safe surfing on the Internet . Set of rules that must be followed , if necessary for them .

• Be careful with unreliable connections because they can take you to a site that attacks the virus to your computer to send out .

• Also be wary of e – mails from senders that require you to send them . Many of the front bulk trackers that collect information .

• Never give information about your friends or other people without their permission . Respect the privacy of others .

• Change your password on a regular basis . Write them in a place that can be accessed if you forget it . Having different passwords for different accounts .

Whatever your purpose for using the Internet , wise in what you share , who you share and how you do it . Security settings on your device should be high if you have a Wi – Fi hotspot to use .

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Modeling As a Career Option

Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.jpg (730×965)

Who does not want to be a model It is the dream of many young girls and boys were talents and interest in designer clothing , fashion accessories and just amazed glamor given to models as they walk the road , which is centralized .

Those were the days when every girl or boy with a neat appearance and fit body can find a model . These days , modeling is a career like any other competitive and there are many institutions and schools that accept children and their male models .

If you think modeling is all about sparkle and glamor , you should think again ! There are many tips and doles out advice and content for someone to take the model as a full – time career better to seek to enroll in a school modeling agency or professional help .

The Golden Rule

There are many attributes and characteristics that determine how only the best can go all the way to the top . Among many important aspects of a career as a model wannabe models who need to know , will be top of the list is as follows :

• Dedication to the job in hand by donating time and effort wasteful

• A strong and resilient spirit and willingness to fight the trap

• Supreme confidence to go at each level of competition

• Professional attitude to work and a positive attitude towards colleagues and superiors always

• Be prepared to work long hours at work and away from home , sometimes traveling in a short time

• Turn off any opportunity to scale the ladder

• Forget your ego and flexible , but never compromise on the principle of personal

• Most of all , enjoy every minute of your work , and enjoy every day , because modeling is a short-lived career

• Once your face ‘ off the radar ‘ , no remorse – a career choice is entirely up to you

Useful tips

In addition to this , each model will be useful tips and advice for a career as a model to handle the personal and professional angle . The competition though , it is the goal of every person who walks the street or catwalk to excel in what they do and take pride in every step along the way .

1 . A model is an entity of the person and to make a successful business takes a lot of time and effort .

2 . The first impression is the best impression – it’s not always about the make – up of trendy clothes , it’s always about people projecting you as a friendly and approachable person with a friendly nature .

3 . Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only helps to maintain a healthy exterior projects , but also reflects the inner style and beauty .

4 . Approach each opportunity with the same attitude , learning comes with each new experience .

5 . Seek professional help from a modeling agency or a model of co – coordinator to get the right contact .

6 . Be your own boss economic aspects of your career so far away – contracts , fees, commissions , conditions , provisions , etc. should always be full of personal attention , unless you have a person who can really be trusted to get treatment . Do not ever go with anything you are not sure about .

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The History Of Humor And Therapy

istock-team-laughter-pic3.jpg (1600×1200)

Humor is an important part of our history since time immemorial . An old stone humorous illustration image depicted a Facebook page proves how Stone Age man writing on a Facebook wall of each later . Of course , he had no fire was found at the time and this may be the reason he has so much time to write on the Facebook wall of the Stone Age . On a lighter note though , Facebook and Twitter existed long before they invented the wheel , if we choose to believe a particular illustration . There are many examples of humor in a war that has been fought throughout history . Come to think of it , the irony and the presence of different historical generals and war added a funny twist . Thus , the world has seen two major wars and so far no one has come up with a good reason why the world went to war .

The existence of humor can not be played down if you imagine the kind of life that most ancient people go through . Especially Act cruel and minimal or no drugs for some chronic diseases are common knowledge . So , it is time that laughter is the real cure would be if you get what I mean . The Bible in Proverbs alludes to the existence of humor at the time. Proverbs 17:22 : ” A merry heart is good medicine , but a broken spirit makes you sick . ” Maybe it could be interpreted as an early form of humor or evidence throughout history . There may be more , but at least it allows people to enjoy the humor , even during the day King Solomon – the author of a particular book .

The ancient Greeks are credited with so many firsts in the field of medicine , the arts , philosophy and now , humor . Written Evidence suggests that some of the great Greek physicians advise their patients to take the time and laughing in the theater comedian . It is part of the healing process that the ancient Greek physician has been set for their patients . Native Americans have a clown ranked as the third most important person in the tribe . He worked on the shaman , but the magic is not used by the gods , but a sense of humor . They also have embraced the healing power of laughter .

In medieval Europe , and more specifically the UK , jokingly hired to relieve stress from the board to entertain . Their lessons , the nobles and royal surgeon , Henri de Mondeville said to have after surgery in the recovery room telling jokes patients – as a way to relieve pain . So it is clear that physicians employed the use of laughter to their patients the pain she went through illuminating . Robert Burton uses humor as a form of therapy to melancholy in the 16th century . Martin Luther, the great reformer was also credited with the use of humor in his supervision of his depression .

In the 20th century , are exaggerated humor is mainly used in hospitals by using the clown to help children recover . This is the same period that saw exponential growth of cinema and most of the early films were comedies . Shakespeare can be credited with creating humor in some comedy , especially merchants of Venice. Some characters that silent films including Charlie Chaplain who ruled some slapstick comedy is really great . Both doctors and ordinary people experience the power of humor in their lives . Silent movies were replaced by talking some funny movement when considering the growth of live comedy recordings stature . Standup comedy as a form of humor production has really evolved over the years . You can not call it a comedy without giving credit is the oldest form of humor production , theater . Comedy movies are still being produced and has evolved over the years .

In short , humor is relevant and should be very therapeutic and when feeling low.


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Is An A+ Certification Valuable?

certificate.jpg (1951×1525)


A + certification given by CompTIA , the leading provider of IT certification in the world , demonstrated ability as a technician for PCs , laptops , mobile devices and printers . It is considered by many , however, the starting point for a career in the IT field are some other people do not consider it to be important.

What industry experts have to say about this ?

The A + certification from CompTIA has managed to attract experts in the IT industry. Variety of opinions Some take it as an absolute waste and claims that you just learn the names of the internal components of a computer, while others find that the employer is generally not a good look for certification , but more concerned about the knowledge and skills . Some experts also argue that having a certificate can not hurt your chances of getting a job , but whether they are able to increase your value will depend entirely on the employer. Some were of the opinion that the certificate will hold if they are supported by a fair amount of experience in the field, while some other certification might put more value if they are not from an accredited institution .

Certification vs. Experience

Experience is certainly an important factor in getting a job with the best IT employers , but this does not mean reducing the importance of certification in seeking help with their employer . If you’re applying for a job , there may be other candidates who also have the same amount of experience . But if you do that others do not have the certification , you can benefit in the eyes of employers and eventually get a job. Certification will give employers the impression that you have a solid base of knowledge . However, it is also true that in the absence of certification experience will keep you in good stead by the employer to be accepted . Certification is only a proof of knowledge , and experience will tell them that you have the necessary skills and are ready for the job .

Career Opportunities for the A + certification

A + certification is designed for entry-level IT technicians and can be calculated as equal to 6 months experience in fixing computers and related devices . This certification allows an individual to give in repairing , installing or configuring a computer for company a job. It can also be a job in the technical support department of the company. However, if you are not adequate for work in other areas of IT , A + certification . Looking A + certification can be a platform to enter a bid, the IT industry , but to go up the stairs you have to learn and gather a large amount of experience in the field.


A + certification can definitely help your baby’s first steps into the wide world taking IT . How do you want your career as an IT professional forward there is a decision you will have to make .

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